Playwright: Jean Anouilh
Adaptation: Chittaranjan Ghosh, Prof. Zia Haider, Khairul Alam Shobuj
Design & Direction: Ashim Das
First Staged on: 19th October, 2003 at Alliance Francaise Chittagong


About the playwright

Jean Anouilh was born in Bordeaux in 1910, but went to Paris when still young, began to study law, then worked for an advertising agency. In 1931 he became secretary to the actor-manager, Louis Jouvet, and his first play. “The Ermine”, was staged the following year. “Antigone” firmly established his popularity in France in 1944.

Of his many other plays, which he himself has categorized as ‘plays black’, ‘plays pink’ , ‘plays bright’ etc. the best known in English are: ‘Restless Heart’, ‘Dinner with the family’, ‘Traveler without luggage’, ‘Thieves Carnival’, ‘Romeo and Jeannette’, ‘Medea’, ‘Ardele’, ‘The Rehearsal’, ‘Colombe’, ‘The Lark’, ‘The Director of the opera’ ‘Number One’ etc.


Essence of the play

Antigone is one of Anouilh’s ‘plays black’ and is based on Sophocles’ version of the classical tragedy, where the eponymous heroine dies for the crime of offering her dead brother, the rebel Polynices, proper burial rites despite the decree by the king, Creon, that Polynices is to remain unburied and unwept.


To experiment is to make a journey into the unknown….To be avant-garde is truly to be way out in front. The essence of the theatre hidden into the live relationship of actor and audience. So, stage is the most important and strong medium for me to express an actor’s capability. The versatility of a 30/20 ft. wooden rectangular space is a wonder for me.

Theatre must attempt to create a more intense perception at the heart of our world. Theatre only exist at the precise moment when the two worlds of the actors and the audience meet: a society in miniature, a microcosm brought together every evening within a space. Theatre’s role is to give this microcosm a burning and fleeing taste of another world, in which our present world is integrated and transformed.


Adaptation                                                         :               Chittaranjan Ghosh, Prof. Zia Haider, Khairul Alam Shobuj
Light, Set, Costume, Music Design                  :               Ashim Das
Make-up                                                             :              Biswajit Dasgupta Api/ Shaheenoor Sarwar
Music Control                                                    :               Showmen Rudra
Set Construction                                               :               Md. Forkan
Production Controller                                       :               Hannan Sagar,AL-Noman,Khorshedul Alam, Saifur Rahman Parvej
Production Manager                                        :               Debashish Rudra
FOH                                                                      :               Fameans


Chorus                  :               Farid Ahmed

Antigone              :               Poly Chowdhury

Nurse                   :               Rowshan Ara Ruma

Ismene                 :               Ankhi Majumder

Haemen               :               Nurul Absar/Mubidur Rahman sujat

Creon                    :               Debashish Rudra

Demetrius            :               Saifur Rahman Parvej

First Guard           :               Abu Taleb Md. Sakib, Md. Rahat Hossen, Imtiaz Barshan

Second Guard     :               Suman Chowdhury

Third Guard        :               Raju Chowdhury /Md. Alamgir

Fourth Guard     :               Abdul Kader Jitu

Messenger         :               Suman Muhury