The Trial

Play: Kathgora

Original Play: The Trial
Novel: Franz Kafka
Dramatization: Andre Gide & Jean-Louis Barrault
Adaptation: Rashid Haider
Design & Direction: AshimDas
1st Staged on: 9th December,2006 at Alliance Française, Chittagong 


About the Playwright

Franz Kafka was one of the major German language novelist and short story writers of the 20th century, whose unique body of writing (much of it incomplete and published posthumously despite his wish that it be destroyed) has become considered among the most influential in Western literature. Politically, he was a socialist, theologically an atheist. Franz Kafka was born a Jew and remained a Jew all his life.

About the Play

The Trial is a novel by Franz Kafka about a character named Joseph K, who awakens one fine morning and, for reasons never revealed, is arrested and subjected to the rigours of the judicial process of for an unspecified crime. Expresses frustration, anxiety and loneliness of man in an age of big government.

Big government is unwieldy, unfair and unforgiving. In this respect, the Trial is a visionary novel that warns civilization, wittingly or unwittingly, of the coming tyranny of totalitarian governments in Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, and Fascist Italy. It also attacks governments of every kind, whether Democratic or otherwise, that rely no clumsy bureaucracies to conduct day-to-day affairs.

The combined forces of fate and faceless big government isolate Joseph K. making him feel lonely, abandoned and friendless. His enemies have cornered him, and he has no weapons with which to fight back and no champions to come to his rescue.

Cast & Credit:

On Stage

Saifur Rahman Parvej: Joseph K (A Bank Manager)

Dewan Nazrul Bappe: Franz (1st guard) / Accused man / Uncle / Annoyed Client / Inspector-2

Yasir Arafat: Wilhelm (2nd guard) / Child / Accused man / Chief Clerk / Executioner

Mubidur Rahman Sujat: Inspector-1 / Accused man / Chief Clerk / Sweeper / Titorelli / Chaplain

Rowshan Ara Ruma: Mrs. Grubach / Tanent / Accused man / Leni

Poly Chowdhury Boby: Miss Burstner / Bank employee / Tanent / Loundress / Judge / Little girl /Young girl

Ankhi Majumder: Old  woman/Loundress / Bank employee/judge

Wahida Sakura Chowdhury: Post man / Bank employee / little girl

Tazrian Tabassum Poly: Old woman / Judge / Young Lady / Little girl

Raju Chowdhury: Wilhelm-2nd guard / Bank Employee / Student / Block / Executioner

Foyez Akram: A Man / Bailiff / Important Glient / Guard

Jobairul Hoque Jibon: Old Man / Child / Accused Man / Annoyed Client / Chief Judge

Rahat Kabir: Tourturer / Advocate Huld / Executioner / An Old Man

Delowan Hossain Bablu: Bank Employee / Tanent / Accused Man / Guard

Touhidujjaman: Bank Employee / messenger / Court Attendant / Child

Sabekul Islam: Bank Employee / Deputy Director of Bank / An Old Man / Court Clerk /Annoyed Man


Set, Light & Costume Design : Ashim Das
Properties: Sujat, Raju
Assistant (Set & Props): Arafat, Jibon
Paintings: Aniket Bhattachariya, Bappy , Bablu
Music: Rajib Roy Chowdhury
Make-Up: Shahee noor Sarwar, Shubir Mohajon
Hair Style: Ruma, Sakura
FOH: Famean
Production Controller: Nurul Absar, Showmen Rudra, Debashish Rudra