Chailor Unmadinee

Original Play: Le Folle de Chailot

Playwright: Jean Giraudoux
English Translation: Maurice Valency
Adaptation: Kabir Chowdhury
Design & Direction: Ashim Das
1st Staged on: 12th October, 2004 at Alliance Française Chittagong


About the Play 

Chaillor Unmaadinee, The Mad Woman of Chaillot is a poetic satire by French dramatist Jean Giraudoux, written in 1943 and first performed in1945, after his death. The play opens with a group of promoters plotting to tear up Paris to unearth the oil that one of them believes to have located in the neighborhood.

These grandiose plans come to the attention of ‘The Madwoman of Chaillot’ who is ostensibly insane but is soon shown to be the very essence of practical worldly goodness and common sense. She along with other ‘mad’ woman of Paris and the underdogs of society, thwart the plans of the culprits. One by one, she sends them, lured by the scent of oil and undreamed of riches, into a bottomless pit which opens out of her cellar. This expulsion of the wicked is accompanied by the return of joy, justice and love to the world.

About the Playwright

Hippolyte Jean Giraudoux was a French dramatist who wrote 15 plays,  most initially staged by the actor-director Louis Jouvet.  Also a prose writer who served France as a diplomat and government official, he  served in World War I, was twice wounded, and became the first writer ever to be awarded the Wartime Legion of Honor.

His popularity rests on such plays as Amphitryon 38, Tiger at the Gates, Ondine and The Madwoman of Chaillot which was published posthumously. Giraudoux also wrote five novels, the best known being My Friend from Limousine and Bella and numerous short stories. One of France’s outstanding essayists, Giraudoux’s dramatic and narrative style is a rich and inimitable blend of allusive prose, allegory, fantasy and political and psychological perceptions, where he tempered tragic themes with rueful comedy.

Director’s Note

Only if you have love and faith for others and the power of imagination, can you dream of a world of peace and social harmony. Those who have this power, they may focus their energies to destroy the darkness for a better morning. This is what Jean Giraudoux illustrated in his La Folle de Chaillot.



On Stage

Md. Habibul Bahar Pappu:  The Waiter / Prospector-3

Shekhar Das / Swajan  Paul: The Little Man / Policeman / Adolph Bertaut

Abu Taleb Md. Sakib/   Abdul Kader Jitu: The Vagabond / Professor

Yasir Arafat/ Zaheed Al Haque: Pierre

Al Nomman/ Rahat Kabir:  The Prospector

Shamsul Kabir Liton:  The President / Press Agent 1

Mubidur Rahman Sujat: The President / The Baron/ Sewer-Man / Press Agent 1

Utpol Dasgupta: The Baron / Josephine / Lady 2

Rowshan Ara Ruma: Josephine / Lady 2

Najmun Nahar Shenjuti/ Shajeda akter Shaju/Rita Rani Roy: The Street Singer / Flower Girl / Lady 3

Imtiaz Barshon/ Raju Chowdhury/Abdul Kader Jitu: The Rag Picker / Prospector 2

Bijay Krishna Nath/Tapos Chakraborty: The Deaf Mute

Tamima Sultana Munmun/Tazrian Tabassum Poly: Irma

Munna Bhattacharjee: The Shoelace Peddler / Prospector 4

Hasibul Alam:  The Broker / Customer / President 2 / Press Agent 2 / Doorman

Sohrab Hiro: The Broker / Customer / President 2 / Press Agent 2/Sewer-Man

Md. Solayman Ripon: Dr. Jardin / Customer / President 3 / Press Agent 3 /Adolph Bertaut

Ankhi Majumder: Countess Aurelia-The Mad Woman of Chaillot

Shekhar Das/Md. Anisul Islam Sharnil: The Sergent

Andalib Ayesha Azim /Poly Chowdhury Boby:  Mme Constance-The Mad Woman of Passy / Customer /Lady 1

Rehana Kabir/Bondona Borna: Mme Gabrielle-The Mad Woman of Sulpice / Customer

Off Stage

Set, Light, Costume & Music Design: Ashim Das

Set and Props: Al Noman / Sujat / Tapos

Paintings: Aniket Bhattacharjee

Music: Ripon / Pappu / Rashed / Saimon

Make up: Aniket Bhattacharje / Rahat

Hair-style: Boby / Poly

Production Control: Showmen Rudra / Parvej

Stage Manager: Tilottoma Sengupta