Courses on Department of Dance

Department of Dance provides a four-year-long training period, including a one-year Foundation Course and three-year-long Diploma Course.

FAME Department of Dance was always trying to spread the pure essence of Kathak dance in this province.

Department staged dance drama like ‘Radhar Maanbhanjan’ (2004), Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Shyama’ (2006), Shukanta Bhattacharya’s ‘Ovijaan’ (2009), ‘Krishnokoli’ (2013) edited by Ashim Das, ‘Kaal Mrigaya’ jointly with Children Drama Dept. Each production was unique under the direction of Tilottoma Sengupta, director of Dance Department.

Besides these, several Solo Kathak performances of Tilottoma Sengupta arranged by FAME mesmerized audiences every time.