Arranged Festivals

FAME Festivals

20 Years Celebration | Last Phase

01-03 August 2018; Shilpokala Academy Chattogram

A Year-Long Celebration comes to an end with a 3-day long festival

With the Presentation of Children Drama Departments 'Madhyam Putra',

Drama Department Presentations 'Gondar', 'George Dandin'

Chittagong University Drama Department Presents 'Sesher Kabita' and 'Noshto Nir' in Open Stage

A Publication “Sritimoy Dui Doshok - Fameans thoughts and experiences on two decades of FAME'' has been published on the festival.

20 Years Celebration |

Second Phase

06-09 October 2017; Theater Institute Chattogram

After a day-long First Phase celebration of 20 years, 2nd Phase of year-long celebration starts with the Presentation 'Greek Trilogy', 'Caligula', 'Nawkar Shoytaan Malik Hoyraan' & Childrem Drama Department presentation 'Laal Komol Neel Komol'.

Organized “Actor’s Meet” & “Director’s Meet” with renowned Actors & Directors of Chattogram

“Natyakathan” an open seminar about “Dui Banglar Shamakalin Natyacharcha” by Dr. Anit Kumar Roy

Open Stage CU Drama Department Presentations: Daakghar, Ocholayoton, Raktakarabi

19 Years Celebration | Dhaka Fest

12-13 January 2017; Jatiya Natyashala, Bangladesh Shilpokala Academy, Dhaka

19 years celebration comes to the capital city, Dhaka on January bringing the works & enthusiasm of FAMEANS

Honorable Theater Personalities such as Ramendu Majumder, Mamunur Rashid, Asaduzzamana Noor (Former Minister of Cultural Affairs), Ataur Rahman, Jhuna Chowdhury and Mr. Jean-Pierre Poncet (Former Head of Mission, Alliance Française) inaugurate the 2-day-long festival.

Presentations 'Caligula', 'Amriter Shondhane' and 'Nawkar Shoytaan Malik Hoyraan' are performed in 2 day long festival.

19 Years Celebration | First Phase

29-31 December 2016; Theater Institute Chattogram

A year long '18 years celebration & stepping  into 19 years' begin with the staging of the presentations 'Amriter Shondhane', 'Nawkar Shoytaan Malik Hoyraan', 'Caligula' at Theater Institute Chattagram at the end of the year 2016. The festival ends with a new journey ahead & welcoming 2017 at the festival premises.

An Unveiling Ceremony of Publication “Nawkar Shoytaan Malik Hoyraan” by Ashim Das was held at the festival premises.

16 Years Celebration | Convocation

4-8 February 2015; Shilpokala Academy, Chattogram

FAME celebrates '16 Pleasant Springs' with a 5-day long Theater Festival. The festival begins by  honoring 4 Dance Teachers (Guru) of Chattagram - Reshma Firoz, Manoshi Das Talukdar, Shikha Barua & Rita Dastidar. FAME offers their gratitude to them for their tremendous role in the field of Art.

Department of Drama Presents 'George Dandin', 'Amriter Shondhane', 'Nawkar Shoytaan Malik Hoyraan', 'Greek Trilogy- Oedipus, Oedipus at Colonus and Antigone' - a 4.15 hour long open air presentation.

FAME Director and prominent Kathak dancer Tilottoma Sengupta performs 'Solo Kathak Performance' at the festival.

Chittagong University Drama Department Presents 'Daayboddhota O Shondhane', 'Pretty Souls', 'Limitations and Life', 'Hide and Seek' on open stage.

Convocation for recent batches of Drama & Children Drama Department of FAME and An open arena Film Presentation on Samuel Beckett’s plays was also held at festival arena.

15 Years Celebration

International Theater Festival

12-16 September 2013; Shilpokala Academy, Chattogram

FAME celebrates 15 years journey of creation with a 5 day long International Theater Festival.

Prominent theater personalities of the country and FAME advisor Smt. Geeta Das inaugurates the festival.

Presentations of National & International troupes as  'Medea' (Arshi Natyadal, Kolkata), 'Aurangazeb' (Prangone Mor, Dhaka), 'Drohokaal' (Nrityashoilee, Sylhet), 'Kaal Mrigaya' (FAME), 'Baandh' (FAME), 'Maanushi' (Kallyani Kalamandalam) were performed in the event.

In the open stage performances CU Drama Department Presents 'Mohabidya', 'Ebong Pagol', 'The Box', 'Military', 'Gorto'.

14 Years Celebration &

5th Convocation

6,8,9 September 2012; Theater Institute Chattogram

Celebrating the journey of 14 years with the presentations 'Kaalmrigaya' & 'Baandh'

A convocation of Dramatics Departments Acting & Direction Course took place at the event.

12 Years Celebration

Last Phase

18-22 July 2011; Theater Institute Chattogram

Year Long Celebration of 12 years of FAME comes to an end with a 5-day-long festival. This festival begins with honoring the off-stage individuals who have been working as a carpenter, light technicians for a long time in the field of theater in Chittagong.

Presentations 'The Lesson', 'Shob Jhore Jaay' (All That Fall), 'Amriter Shondhane', 'Raktakarabi', 'Trio' (Ohio Impromptu, Eh Joe, Catastrophy) were staged in the festival.

Dance Department jointly with Children drama Department presents 'Icchepuran', 'Krishnakoli'.

Solo Katthak performance of Tilottoma Sengupta was also part of the 5 day long festival.

Second Phase

FAMEAN Natya Samaroha-1

31 December 2010, 1-4 January 2011; Theater Institute Chattogram

For the first time, FAME organized a festival with the productions of FAMEANS, working in different troupes around the country for decade, along with FAME productions. 

Raktakarabi (FAME), Bonodukh (Alor Khoje), Thakur Ghore Ke Re (Natuke, Shobdo Natyacharcha Kendra), Thikana (Shobdo Natyacharcha Kendra), Prachya (Pantomime Movement), Socrates’er Sesh Dinguli (Anadikalpa), Takshak (Rangabadan), Shob Jhore Jaay (FAME) and Presentation of Dance Dept. were part of the festival.

First Phase

16-18 July 2010; Theater Institute Chattogram

It was the grand celebration of 12 years of FAME starting a year long celebration with 3 festivals throughout the year.

Raktakarabi, Baandh, Neta, Solo Katthak performance of Tilottoma Sengupta, Presentations of Dance, Music & Children Drama Department took the festival forward.