George Dandin


Original Play  : ‘George Dandin Ou Le Mari Confondu’
Playwright      : Moliere
Adaptation     : Arup Rudra & Chinmoy Guha
Design & Direction: Ashim Das
First Staged On: 28 October, 2002 at Alliance Française, Chittagong.



About the Playwright

Moliere, born Jean-Baptiste Poquelin (1622-1673), was the son of a prosperous upholsterer and Furniture maker. After receiving an excellent education, he abandoned a promising future with his father at the age of twenty one to join nine other young people in founding the “Theatre Illustre”. At this time ho took the name Moliere. After the company failed in paris, they toured the provinces for fifteen years, polishing their skills and learning to please audiences.

In 1658 the company was invented to play for the king, who was sufficiently pleased to let them use a Court Theatre for public performances. Moliere remained in Paris thereafter, often stirring up controversy with plays that satirized obsessive behavior and repressive custom but enjoying the favor of the king, for whose festivals he wrote entertainments and who awarded the company an annual subsidy. Lie Shakespeare, Moliere was involved in every aspects of the theatre.

He was head of his Company, its principal Actor and its principal Playwright. Moliere performed in a theatre owned by the king but open to the general public.

Moliere died virtually on stage, having taken ill while performing the title role in his “The Imaginary Invalid” and surviving only a few hours.

Director’s Note

For me continuing the courses especially designed for the actors is a dream come true. And I rejoice in the success of allthe Fameians. For years I’d always wanted to build an Arena for the Theatre Practitioners. I never thought I’d actually be doing it.

There are so many ebbs and flows, peaks and throughs to go through but which is inspired me very much that is a tremendous support from the younger generations. I do admire their enthusiasm and unconditional love for the theatre. As a result of it all the Fameans are gathering onto a single platform, trying to know themselves and exploring their capability to appreciate the pioneers of the Theatre World and their work. So, in this phase we have chosen Moliere, the master of the comedy and his one of the leading play “George Dandin Ou Le Mari Confondu” to appreciate a new Theatrical experience. All the situations and the Characters of these plays are based on real human relations and emotions.

As a director of the play I’ve mostly concentrated on the beauty of Molieres dialogue, his knitting of the plots and the way he has created the complication. Where beneath all the humorous incidents there is a cruelty of the reality. I’ve tried to unveiled those things at the time of making the play.

I believe that entertainment offers something to look forward to, to enjoy, to react to and yes, also to dream about. That’s the very important benefit of the art-they enable us to dream new dreams. And this is our ultimate motto.

About the Play

George Dandin …. recital of a wrecked dream…. 

Rich peasant, George Dandin married Angelique, daughter of a ruined aristocrat gentleman, and obtained the title of "Monsieur de la Dandinière". But it does not take long to realize that, this marriage is a real bad bargain, actually an un-holy engagement, and a unilateral decision of a confused husband. Learning from Lubin, the young messenger of  Clitandre, his wife willingly allows his master to an illicit love, trying to make Dandin break the case in the eyes of Angelique’s parents who despise.

Three times while Dandin is about to prove the lightness of his wife, the situation turns against him. And it is ridiculed and humiliated that he should present himself to apologize to those who have made a mistake. Finally Dandin can realize his folly, and concludes the journey of his dream hanging from a branch of his favorite Cherry tree.If things in fact go against us, it is pointless to be wise.

On Stage:

Al Nomaan/ Saifur Rahman Parvez as George Dandin
Imtiaz Barshon/Md. Mubidur Rahman Sujat/Md. Yasir Arafat as Lubin
Poly Chowdhury/Khadijatul Kubra as The Waitres
Saifur Rahman Parvez/Tapos Chakraborty/Shahriar Mahmud/Kamal Barua as Monsieur Sotenvillie
Ankhi Majumder/ Manisa Orchy as Angelique
Andalib Ayesha Ajim/Rowshan Ara Ruma /Poly Chowdhury Boby/Nazia Tabassum as Madam Sotenvillie
Sohrab Hero/Zaheed Haque/Rumal Barua/Dipta Chakrabarty as Clitandre
Sumon Barua/Hasibul Alam as The Dramatist

Off Stage:

Set, Light, Costume & Music Design: Ashim Das
Technical Assistance: Amllan Barua
Music Operate: Ali Afsar Jumman
Make-Up: Tapos Chakraborty
Photograph Courtesy: Morshed Himadri, Sadi
Set Making: Md. Forkan, Md. Shahjahan
FOH: Fameans
Production Control: Tilottoma Sengupta